Monday, January 02, 2017

You naughty!

Oh yeah, the white stuff. It is here, finally!

Snow. That lovely stuff that softens all noises, makes kids happy, lights up places even at night (albeit with some help), covers the landscape so nicely. Also, snow. That white glibbery something that lets people slip, fall over and in the subtropic flatlands of Basel seems to make the people all gaga. Yes, we spent four months of late fall and early winter moaning about the 10th non-white Christmas on the bounce and when the snow finally arrives, we wish it back off to hell, even though it usually comes from high above.

As I am writing to you out there, I am in my warm home. Listening to the sound of somebody doing some awkward sports outside. You can not possible try to tell me that literally still hours after Christmas anyone is fit enough to do a serious workout. Bring on the snow and suddenly the whole neighborhood starts to feel like having to protect their walkways from that mean white layer.

I have hardly spent half an hour on this and I have heard at least two shovels and one leaf blower trying to banish the frozen demons from the North. Ok, this place was burnt down by some naughty Swedes almost 400 years about, but seriously, should we fear another invasion by this folk? Or just leave that snow where it is, as it is. It is not going to last long anyway!