Friday, November 11, 2016

Dangling the carrot!

Just in case you have been wondering where all the fancy easyJet aircraft with their special colours are flying around, here is the magic list of their current bases, last update 18 September 2017:


G-EJAR (UNICEF Change for good) -> Bristol (BRS)
G-EZBF (Tartan) -> Milan (MXP)
G-EZBG (Hamburg flag) -> Bristol (BRS)
G-EZBI (Romeo Alpha Juliet - Shakespeare portrait) -> London (STN)
G-EZDL (Europcar) -> Milan (MXP)
G-EZDN (Amsterdam) -> Glasgow (GLA)
G-EZDR (Europcar) -> Berlin (SXF)
G-EZDW (Venezia) -> London (LGW)
G-EZEZ (Napoli) -> Venice (VCE)
G-EZIO (UNICEF Change for good) -> London (STN)
G-EZIW (Linate-Fiumicino per tutti) -> London (LGW)


G-EZUA (semi-new colours, small titles) ->  London (LGW)
G-EZUG (Moscow) -> Manchester (MAN)
G-EZUI (all orange, 200th Airbus) -> Berlin (SXF)
G-EZOL (250th Airbus) -> Porto (OPO)
G-EZOX (how 20th years have flown) -> London (LGW)
G-EZPC (Europcar) -> Berlin (SXF)
G-EZPD (Europcar) -> London (LGW)
G-UZHA (NEO) -> London (LTN)
G-UZHB (NEO) -> London (LGW)

A click on the registration leads you to a fancy picture of the respective aircraft. Bases can change any time upon short notice, though I really try to keep this as up to date as somehow possible.

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