Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Oh and ...

... I did not vote for Trump either.

My election consisted of a bunch of aircraft pictures spread on a table, waiting to be elected into a magazine. Results took a while to be confirmed, with many candidates deemed unsuitable and very few candidates really standing out. Some rather orange stuff (coincidence!) was brushed aside and there were some other candidates of all sorts of colours that split the opinions. In a proper Swiss compromise, some candidates were allowed to join a repechage round that allowed the electors to fill all the spots available.

Add to that an "elephants' round table", where we had a chat over a beer about plane spotting hotel politics (the famous question about guests joining the facilities from outside) and about how to break the old bad photo law by using the means of Photoshop. Unanimous result: increase the quotas for black and white and the landscape will be as green as it has never been before.

You see, just like any given Tuesday ...

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